Und hier gleich die nächste Testversion: Kerio Connect 9.4.2 Beta

Neue Features:

  • <diese sind noch nicht kommuniziert>

Das sind die vorläufigen Bug Fixes lauten wie folgt:

  • “Too many simultaneous connections” even though netstat shows there aren’t many connections
  • Kerio connect crashes once “specific” email is opened in WebMail
  • MS Outlook for MAC using EWS randomly “forgets” application password (when 2FA is enable do the account)
  • Backup module reporting 0 bytes free when the disk space partition is huge and empty.
  • KOFF – Attachments in meeting invitations are not working (supported all meeting attachments except text files or csvs)
  • Shared Folders with non-ASCII Characters Sync over ActiveSync Regardless of Preference
  • [WEBMAIL CONTACTS] If a contact is created with only a “Company” field, making a modification to the Notes and saving corrupts the contact. (Regression)
  • .ICS RSVP status is not processed when an external attendee accepts a meeting
  • Cannot search for contacts using the Notes and Phone number property in webmail (search by phone number)
  • Events Created in Jerusalem Time Zone with “All Day” set are not compatible with O365 / Exchange Accounts
  • Fixed timezone for Brasilia


Achtung: Das ist eine Beta Version. Also mit Vorsicht genießen.